Lisa Twyman Events Director


If you're looking at my website, I'm assuming you're considering planning an event. Are you getting married? Maybe a loved one has recently died and amidst your grief you must plan their funeral and wake and you don't know where to start?
Is it possible you would love to plan your friend’s hen party, your parents 50th wedding anniversary or you would like to organise a corporate event to enhance your business?
Here's a question for you. How are you feeling right now about this?
And how would you like to be feeling?

Already I can imagine your brain fog creeping in and you’re beginning to get a little hot under the collar with anxiety and stress levels already starting to fester. Does that sound familiar to you? Is that how you are feeling right now? But would I be right in saying you would rather be feeling, upbeat and excited about this wedding or event that you would like to embark on. Is that correct?
So, who am I? And where do I fit into this scenario?

My Name is Lisa and I have been working as an Events Planner for a good 25 years. I began my working life as an apprentice hairdresser, my dream job ever since I entangled a hairbrush in my dear Aunty Marion’s long blonde hair when I was the ripe old age of 3 years old. I also worked hard to gain a Beauty Diploma (I kept my aunt out of it this time!). As my working life began to expand my personal life was developing too. Like us all I had to endure many difficult challenges that were thrown at me. At one point I started to wonder if I was a skittle in a former life, what with relentless metaphoric bowling balls knocking me down!

Through the sadness and pain, I kept going, with my adventures in life and business increasing day by day.
I used my hair and beauty experience mainly in bridal and it was in this field where the wedding and events industry began to flourish for me. I studied business and eventually owned my own Bridal Studio. I continued to plan weddings and a wide variety of events, such as Fashion Shows. Anniversaries, Festivals, and corporate events too.

I have also had the privilege to work internationally. I have worked in Germany LA, (permission to name drop?!) Beverly Hills too. Planning Events and developing teams to grow companies. A Fantastic experience. I can honestly say, when you travel and work abroad it broadens and expands your mind and enhances your life no end and this is what I just love to share with others. I have worked with very high-profile individuals and people less privileged, both bringing me so much satisfaction.
Another string I was fortunate enough to add to my bow was, when I was fifteen, I learnt British Sign Language. I was able to use this skill set throughout my life in many areas, including translating for the deaf at weddings and funerals.

I am also a Dance and fitness instructor; this has enabled me to enhance many a wedding and event.During my journey of life, I married and sadly divorced however I was very blessed to have three children, and how I do love them all so much. Because of my hunger to learn I decided home educate them. Not only teaching them the fundamentals but expanding and enhancing their life skills. I am proud of them all as they have all grown into very capable, professional individuals mainly in the music and entertainment industry. They have even performed at weddings I have managed before now.

During Lockdown I studied Interior Design with London Institute of Interior Design. This has been invaluable with short term design where weddings are involved.

In this last year I have attended The Entrepreneurial Business school and have also qualified as a professional public speaker, not only is this benefitting me in business, but it also compliments Wedding and Event Management too.

I have endured many heartaches but have learned from them along the way.
I want you all to benefit from my life’s journey, the ups and the downs. Please allow me to be there for you to build and direct you’re wedding or event. Together with my systems and processes in place we will have the best organized, amazing, stress-free occasion, this I promise you.

Stress is what steals all pleasure from what should be the most special of times for us, would you agree? Now you have met me you don’t need to endure the stress and frustrations that can sabotage your excitement and happiness. Because my emotions are not quite as involved as yourselves it enables me to exercise my expertise and professionalism to the full, making good clear decisions that will benefit you and your event.

So, this is me ‘The Events Director’ at your service! I look forward to doing business with you.

Love Lisa x